When the owner of the Incognito boat in Newport Beach came to us, we knew we had to do a perfect job.

Installing mirrors in a boat is different than in a home. You really have to safety back them and ensure no matter what that they don’t break from rough seas, storms, or movement.

An amazing vessel in awesome Newport Beach harbor, what’s not to like?

We turned all 3 bedrooms from plain wood walls to mirrors, giving them a bigger expansive feel. The custom work done on the mirrors was cut to spec and they were made completely safe for the boat.

Taking the extra time to make sure every piece was perfect to match this perfect boat was really worth it. Being able to look at a job well done is great.

Having customers who know and understand we go the extra mile to provide the highest quality workmanship is what we really love.

Not every glass company will install mirrors and windows on boats properly. From private vessels in Newport Beach to commercial vessels in Long Beach, we can install any glass needed.

We more than spec to code, but go through added measures to ensure safety and longevity for every job we do.

Time to completion: 1 Week

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