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We guarantee quality even on the most complicated glass work. Our client wanted glass railing upgrades to their Corona Del Mar beach home, with minimal noise, disturbance, and construction time.

Also in the mix were some very custom seamless mounting requests and even a curved etched glass balcony. Did we mention they wanted the lowest price possible?

Affordable Coastal Glass in Costa Mesa was definitely the right the place to call.

Custom glass railing installations are our specialty, and we pride ourselves in helping people’s dreams become their home’s reality all over Orange County, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and the Inland Empire.

The in house designed custom engineered 1/2 inch glass wind wall setup, mounted seamlessly with the existing pony wall, without the need for reconstruction or bulky hardware. No one does this kind of thing but us, and if they do, they certainly don’t do it for a lower price. We give a 20 year warranty on all our glass railing work so you know we are confident in our designs.

On the second level they added a deep etched curved laminate glass balcony railing. The radical and bold design pattern was provided by the clients and executed perfectly to their satisfaction.

The base shoe mount, though hard to see in these pictures, is a one of a kind custom color that just seemed to really fit with the home. Candy-Silver-Ghost-Grey

Yet if you’re going to go all the way, why not add custom LED lighting into the mix? You know none of us could resist it.

Embedding LED’s into a razor thin top cap, and not having them come across as a lot of tiny pinpoints requires a little trade secret we came up with. Combined with custom embedded LED’s in the base shoe mount, this glass balcony railing installation lights up evenly and beautifully exactly as the client wanted.

It was a fun installation and certainly gave the home an edge on everything else in the neighborhood.

If you have any custom glass railing questions, projects, or ideas, please give us a call, and let’s see if we can make something amazing that accommodates your personal needs.

Time To Completion: 4 Weeks from Initial Phone Call

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