Custom is the name of the game here.” Chris Jenkins Custom Homes always wants to leave a pristine, elegant, and beautiful impression on anyone who walks into their designs. Custom is the name of the game here, and each home is different. For frameless shower door installations in newport beach, they call us knowing they will get quality work at a great price.

This custom frameless shower is a half inch thick. Thicker than most frameless showers, this door’s heaviness exudes a feeling of above average quality to the touch. Chris Jenkins has an eye for detail and the offset hinges we use were just what he was looking for. Most hinges on frameless shower door installation show screws on both sides and really take away from the overall finish. These show no outside screws and all you see is pretty and clear face-plates matching the clips.

By customizing the hardware Chris Jenkins got the very clear and clean view he was looking for. Using a small knob and our perfectly balanced installation, letting the door open and close in an ideal fashion, it was pulled off perfectly. Often companies, when they install frameless shower doors, in effort to cut costs down will just use straight glass and not fit it to the wall.

Walls are often slightly out of square and though imperceptible to the eye, once the door is up and on, a client will notice problems. Not with Affordable Coastal Glass, we offer the highest quality at the lowest price, and do not settle for adequate or mediocre. We want our work to be ideal, every time and go the extra mile for all our clients.

Time To Completion: 1 Week

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