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Clean and sophisticated office look for a reasonable price

An office building in Orange County, called us with an urgent request for several glass walls and herculite doors. They wanted the cleanest, lowest cost, sturdiest, soundproof design possible but they needed it immediately. If you find yourself in a glass needs emergency, we are your company. The highest quality and the most affordable price, Affordable Coastal Glass in Costa Mesa always delivers.

Many companies find custom glass cubical style walls a great way to maintain productivity while also reducing noise levels and disturbances, but it's hard to predict what a given infrastructure is going to need until nearing the deadline for it's implementation. Custom glass cubical walls also can look terrible with bulky hardware, and standard installation designs. We have perfected our own mounting designs that really give a much cleaner look than the competition at a fraction of the price.

Improving the value and usability of a work space can be the difference maker between a nonproductive hectic work environment and a success promoting healthy one. Glass cubicles don't offer the privacy that sometimes leads to slacking, but should you need to crack the whip, no one will be able to hear you with the amazing soundproofing. A win-win if you're running a high stress commercial operation.

Glass wall installations are not only for the office though. Many people have installed really unique and beautiful rooms within larger areas using glass in wine cellars, saunas, and more.

Regardless of your reasons, we know we are the best option in the industry so call us and let us prove it to you like we do everyday for every custom glass job in Orange County no matter how large or small.

Time to completion: 10 days from initial phone call.

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