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Glass Railing 65

The clarity of Starphire glass Our client came to us with a vision in mind. He wanted a custom glass stair railing with a minimalist look that added a fresh high end feeling to his home. At Affordable Glass we are passionate about glass stair railings and love to bring our clients visions to life.

We went with large pieces of glass, so there would be very few seams disrupting the view. It really gives that spacious impression to the entire home without all the vertical line obstructions. A brushed aluminum top cap meets California code requirements and still keeps the railing clear and unobtrusive. Many clients begin the design phase not wanting a top cap at all, but once they see the beautiful options we have they always keep it.

A very unique feature of this particular glass stair railing installation is that the client opted for Starphire glass which is clearer than standard glass. When you are doing an installation outdoors and there is plenty of light available, the effect isn’t as dramatic, but indoors in the low lighting Starphire just looks so much clearer it’s amazing.

Here is a comparison photo so you can really see why Starphire is our choice for indoor glass railings.

Notice the standard glass has a green tinge throughout, especially evident in the shadows and low light? The Starphire side remains crystal clear.

This high quality low iron Starphire glass is not cheap, but it is some of the highest quality glass you can get and Affordable Glass aims to provide the highest quality at the most affordable price.

All of our Glass Railing Systems are completely unique and proprietary. From our mounting solutions, to our methodology of installation that gives you a perfectly aligned, stable, and beautiful finished product. Affordable Glass loves to provide the best service and the best end product for the best price without cutting any corners.

Time To Completion: 2 Weeks From Order Placed

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