custom home mirrors

We were called to make custom mirrors for a the Women’s Athletic Club in Newport Beach on PCH. The fitness club needed these custom mirrors to fit a few parameters. The first issue was fitting a ballet bar across them, and the second was that they would need to be easy to clean.

They opted for our suggested channeless setup with a 10 inch base of silicone for the easy cleaning. Also all the mirrors were sealed on the back with no black edging.

Perfect attention to detail for our high end Newport Beach customers. Cutting all the custom mirrors and getting everything to fit perfectly didn’t take any time at all. We finished this job within 3 days of the initial phone call. How’s that for service?

women's athletic club custom mirror installation We had worked for this customer before on his other location the Back Bay Fitness Center in Costa Mesa, and when he needed work done for his new location, he knew exactly who to call.

His positive attitude and excellent vision make him a joy to work for, and making custom mirrors for Newport Beach clients is always a pleasure.

Time To Completion: 3 Days

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