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Harborview Construction is known for it’s extremely high quality builds, and when they need custom fabricated work done quickly at a great price, in Newport Beach they know they can rely on us.

Custom glass railing installation adds not only a sophisticated style, but also amazing ROI equity.

Though we ship our custom designed glass railing systems all over the world, we at Affordable Coastal Glass love doing the installation ourselves right here in Orange County, CA.

This new construction was designed to simplify maintenance, so we built a custom drainage runoff within the glass balcony installation, that replaces gutters for directing water flow. It’s incredibly easy to clean, the runoff can be channeled anywhere.

Inside the home are our custom truly frameless showers. A unique anchoring system we designed allows for that no-hardware floating look mill kits are merely attempting to emulate. Avoiding the need for a lot of bulky hardware also makes our systems cheaper.

We have hundreds of custom mirrors and frames we can mount to any surface at any size for less than the factory issued garbage most people settle on. Beautiful high quality mirrors that will last don’t usually come cheap, but for you, we will make an exception.

If you have 3 or 4 levels to your home, tons of large metal railing starts to make it look more like a compound than a expression of it’s owner.

Large corner windows aren’t as much fun when their view is blocked. When combined with custom glass railing installation, the inside of this home maintains an open spacious feeling beyond it’s square footage.

Though your guests may experience minor vertigo hovering edgelessly over the city, we assure you, the 1/2 inch tempered glass is far stronger and safer than it looks. Our particular custom mounting systems are over-engineered for your security. Most factory solutions are just for show, but we at Affordable Coastal Glass know what it’s like to need somebody to lean on.

If you need any type of custom glass or mirror installation, give us a call. With no obligations whatsoever we would love to give our ideas and feedback. Let’s see if we can improve the quality of your home experience in the greater Orange County area.

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