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glass railing installation long beach
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glass railing installation long beach

When this software development company bought the West Coast Choppers building in Long Beach, they had a very specific vision for what they wanted it to be. Old school rustic, meets high end tech, reflecting their values as a company which consisted of strong work ethic, and cutting edge development. They decided a glass stair railing installation with aged metal was just what they needed.

35 linear feet on the stairs extending to 54 linear feet on the upper level, they wanted something with minimal view obstruction. Also a concern from shopping around was the tendency to rattle or be slightly uneven which is what you get from most cheap glass railing installers. Walls and floors in buildings are rarely perfectly straight, so when you do installation on a large distance of glass stair railing, if each individual piece does not get proper attention and care and measurement, the unevenness in the floor or wall is exaggerated.

Affordable Coastal Glass aims for the best combination of price and quality. We will not cut corners to save money, and give you a finished product that leaves something to be desired. To cut each individual piece of glass and metal specifically to the building in a glass stair railing installation, costs us as a company a lot more but we will not put our name on something inferior and believe in the old values this country was founded on.

We love the finished product on this job and using acid to age the custom fabricated metal hand railing in combination with the no obstruction glass railing, the look came together beautifully and fulfilled the clients exact vision.

This glass stair railing installation is solid, beautiful, high quality, and our own custom system. The client loves it and so do we!

Time To Completion: 3 Weeks from Order Placed

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