laguna beach glass railing

We were hired by these really nice people in Laguna Beach to install a glass railing so they could see the ocean more clearly sitting on their deck.

However their wooden deck was rotted out underneath and unstable! So we reinforced it, and installed new tile over the top and I think it came out great!

It was really a pleasure working on it as the view was absolutely gorgeous.

It wasn’t the only part of the job though. Inside they wanted to upgrade their shower with some special features.

We started off by doing some plumbing work, (Yes we will do just about anything for our clients) and the goal was to be able to turn on the shower and warm it up from the outside without having to open the door.

I've got to say it was a great idea as you can see, reaching the shower knobs was difficult due to the way it was constructed.

Laguna Beach is such a beautiful city, and all the homes we do there look great. We take pride in our work and hope you appreciate the job we did on this glass railing and shower door service.

Our client had a lot of custom requests, and each type of piece was made to their specification and need. The deck allows water to flow underneath it and the shower was cut at angels to match their specific bathroom.

Meanwhile we did deck reinforcement to improve structural integrity, tile, and custom plumbing to be able to turn the shower on from the outside. The clients were so kind and good to us, and the view was beautiful, all the custom work was worth it.

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