shower doors in orange county

Stylish, clean, and unique through customization.

Contractor Chris Ball builds beautiful homes in Newport Beach. Being lead architect, designer, and builder, he takes every aspect of his work seriously and wants the best for his clients.

That’s why he calls us when he needs custom work done for shower doors in Orange County. On gorgeous River Street in Newport Beach, the perfect weather, lovely people, and high end jobs, reminded us why we love customizing glass so much.

The first shower we did was a door and panel, custom notched into a marble seat. We made it look like the marble was built around the glass, rather than the glass set into the marble and it came out better than the architect expected!

I think the pictures confirm that this was a great decision for a custom shower in Newport Beach. Stylish, clean, and unique through customization.

The second job we did here was a steamer. Custom curved pattern, half inch glass, with glass nobs using ultra violet bond for the cleanest clearest look you can get.

We custom made cathedral hinges and oil rubbed bronze finish on all the hardware to the architect’s specifications. It’s always a pleasure working for people with an eye for detail and a mind for style.

The operable pivoting transum glass controls the steamer and this shower came out perfectly. We know you agree!

A beautiful home in Newport Beach making custom shower doors, glass and hardware. We love looking back on our work and smiling on every job well done.

Time To Completion: 2 Weeks

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