Boulevard Bar Custom Glass

Our client had a vision for his bar in Costa Mesa, CA. The Boulevard would not be complete without cars! So he wanted a nice big custom window so everyone could see his awesome collection safely.

When we set out to do a job, we try to bring their exact vision and specifications to life.

We started by fabricating a custom frame for this huge piece of glass. As you can see it was no small matter as this piece of glass is extremely thick and heavy! glass and mirror customization for storefront

Doing the custom work is always fun for us. Any type of glass or mirror you could possibly want, we can make perfect for your situation.

In the case of this bar, it had to be something nearly indestructible and yet crystal clear to get a lovely view of the vintage cars.

If you need custom windows, doors, guard rails, anything, call us and we will make exactly how you need it.

We loved working on this place, and the owners are awesome people. If you’re in Costa Mesa, check this place out.

Time To Completion: 1 Week

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